Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make an appointment?

​You can make an appointment either by telephone or email. If I am not available when you phone, please feel free to leave a message and I will return your call as soon as I am able.

How long will the counselling take?

​Counselling is a process that is unique to each individual and there is no set time limit when it comes to how long the counselling will take. I will work with you until such time as you decide the counselling can come to an end.

What if I am late for an appointment?

​I would encourage you to find a day and time that best suits you in order to reduce the chance of being late. Sometimes you cannot help being late but the session will still end at the appointed time. If it continues to be an issue we can discuss other options available, such as changing your time.

What if I can't make an appointment of miss one?

It's ok if you cannot make an appointment, however 24hrs is usually required. If this is not given then you will be charged half the fee of the normal session.

Can you give me advice?

​Counselling is not an advice service. It is more a place for you to explore your issues within the therapeutic relationship and with the support of the counsellor work towards finding your own solutions.

Will everything I say be kept confidential?

​As far as possible everything said within the counselling room is kept confidential. The only time that confidentiality may be broken is if you are believed to be at serious risk of harming yourself or someone else, if there are child protection issues or under new laws acts of terrorism.

​What happen if I want to stop coming?

​You as the client decide how long you stay in counselling. You may end anytime you wish. Where possible it is useful to discuss your ending first so you have control over when you end and what type of ending you have.

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